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Barter software for the barter exchange industry. The best online barter software system with the best barter and trade sites are members of The Trade Alliance ® family!

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Some good news - Several countries in the next 30 days are opening for travel. Hopefully that will happen in the US too!


A few countries such as FranceGreece and Spain have said that they will open in May or June. Croatia and Iceland are open now.

Some countries outside of Europe are also already welcoming visitors or will be soon, including Costa RicaEcuadorEgyptIsrael and Mexico.

In the United States, tour companies are gearing up to run an increasing number of departures this summer and fall as they work toward a normal operating schedule.

Our Client Services

Your Current Data Migration

Data Migration is the very important process of importing all if your customer information from your existing system. Our Software Development Team has extensive experience migrating data for trade exchanges with existing systems.

Software Customizations

It is critically important for your Trade Exchange Software to meet the unique needs of your business processes. Our Team of Experienced Software Engineers can provide any type of customization to meet the exact specifications that you require for your Trade Exchange.

WordPress Website Design

Website Visitors enjoy visiting sites that are visually attractive and easy to navigate. Now more than ever, it is imperative that your Trade Exchange has a mobile-friendly website. Let our Website Design Team ensure that your website makes an outstanding first impression.

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Our Unique Approach

We do not own or operate any barter exchange ourselves which would make us a competitor of yours.  Maximum monthy fees are only $395.00, no matter how much you do in transactions each month, the lowest in the industry .

We provide the only barter software with a complete help menu on your site for your members and another on your manager site.  Switch to The Trade Alliance barter software and pay no fees for 2 months. 

Your barter software provider holds the entire data and operation of your company and as such your barter software provider should be of the highest integrity, honesty and morality.

The Development & Programming Staff is truly a staff, not one person who also does everything else too.  We also provide truly custom websites, built by your WordPress Website Design Team that can be fully integrated with our barter software.

You can search for your member by E-mail address, first name, last name, or phone number in addition to a standard business name.  New, faster and more powerful servers means faster speeds and more dependability.

National Trade Banc
Dear Alan, It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to you. National Inc. owns and operates nine barter exchanges. We began our relationship with you and The Trade Alliance in June of 2005, with one of our exchanges using your software. We also were using Dobarter and Vbarter at that time. We were greatly impressed by the service and support provided to us by The Trade Alliance and began transitioning our other exchanges to you with great results. Trading volume sharply increased, the software actually worked, we were able to get meaningful reports, our costs went down and we could send and receive email without having it read by nosy network operators. We have now totally discontinued using Dobarter and Vbarter, we will not accept their trade dollars at any of our exchanges. Our staff and our members are now much happier with the ease of both listing and buying on line at The Trade Alliance. The productivity of our trade directors has sharply increased along with the average member’s volume of trade. Alan, I have looked at and/or tried every exchange management software on the market and I can honestly say that yours is the best by far. When you combine that with the service you provide and your very low cost, it explains why The Trade Alliance has become the leading network for trade exchanges. You and The Trade Alliance have helped us increase our efficiency and our profitability. I wish you continued success, and feel free, to share this letter and/or have any exchange owner contact me if I can be of assistance in any way.
Roy Flis
President/National Trade Banc
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Holiday Events Protocol

The Return of the Barter Economy This years holiday events will be properly managed in order to comply with Social Distancing Guidelines.  All vendors and attendees will be required to

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