The Return of the Barter Economy

A barter system transaction for a small business allows you to earn trade credit. This can further be used for purchasing products from the members of a barter exchange using the accumulated credit.  A barter exchange in a local community is generally comprised of hundreds of small businesses and service companies. 

Barter, the trade system prevalent in the Middle Ages, is back in the time of coronavirus pandemic, with a few modern twists. One twist is the stay-home order and social distancing.  Another twist is the software technology that barter exchanges can use to manage the transactions. 

Social networks Facebook and Nextdoor are flooded with posts from neighbors and friends seeking to swap goods and services.   Small and midsized businesses, whose cash trade has dried up from the economic fallout of shelter-in-place orders, are turning to online barter exchanges to gain new customers and conserve cash.

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