Incentives to join the Trade Alliance

For a limited time we have special incentives for both existing exchanges and those wanting to start a barter exchange.

Want to start a barter company in your city/state? We supply all the help and consulting to get you into business and then you and your members can trade with many of the barter companies and their members throughout the US.

Are you and existing exchange and want to switch to our network of barter companies? 

Call 352 503-9007 and we will discuss our program and incentives for you whether you are an existing exchange or a new barter company.

New Exchanges
For new exchanges with less than 50 members, setup cost is $150.00. That includes all consulting, all necessary forms and your website. There is then no additional costs for another month as you have free use of the barter software for that period.

Established Exchanges
Complete online barter software for operating your barter company and you will never pay more than $395.00 per month no matter how much business you do and never pay a barter fee! Here are all the details!

Existing exchanges that switch over to The Trade Alliance barter software you will pay a maximum fee of $395.00 per month and a guarantee that your rate will never increase.

No charge to import all your data and you pay no fees for the first 60 days If you are an existing exchange with more than 50 members you will pay no set up fee and get 60 additional days with no fees. Then standard rates will apply.

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