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Our Data Migration Service Team has extensive experience helping our clients move their data from legacy barter software systems to our system

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Legacy Data Migration without the Risk and Downtime

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Moving data from one Barter Software System to another, can be complicated and is sometimes a very frustrating and time-consuming process.  But having helped dozens of clients over the past 20 years, we don’t get intimidated.

We understand the complexities of data and the importance of preserving its integrity. If you need to migrate your critical data to from another Barter Software System, our Data Migration Experts can create and execute a Data Migration Plan that aligns with your business goals. 

Most organizations don’t have data migration experts in-house. As a result, adding this task to your employees’ already full docket significantly increases the risk of data migration errors that slow the implementation of a new Barter Software System and take valuable time away from everyday barter exchange issues.  Effective Data Migration ensures your organization’s legacy data is verified and validated before implementing a new Trade Alliance Software System.

Data Migration Simplified

We deliver the full range of data migration services including data cleansing so that your members can realize the full potential of the Trade Alliance System from Day-1.   Our mission is to provide our client barter exchanges with the necessary resources to manage the expected growth in their business. 

Our Data Migration Team enables you to utilize our expertise when migrating your data from your legacy Barter System into our system.  Our team has the knowledge to verify and validate your legacy data attributes before migration to mitigate risk and keep your team focused on your traditional trade exchange roles instead of data review.   Our team will manage the entire data migration process to ensure the implementation of your new Trade Alliance System is quick, efficient and stress-free.  Therefore, you can get your solution up and running swiftly to drive your Barter Trade Exchange to the next level.   

Our Structured & Systematic Approach

Phase 1: Planning

Having a solid Data Migration Plan is a must; however, you do not have to reinvent the wheel.  Our Data Migration Service Team has extensive experience helping our clients move their data from legacy barter software systems to our system.   We will be happy to let you talk to our clients so they can tell you how they switched to our barter software.

Phase 2: Profiling

Our team will take a comprehensive look into your data including its sources, structure, and any integrations with other systems.

Considerations will be made for what data needs to carry over and any customizations that you would like to have included with the new system.

Phase 3: Data Cleansing

Using our data cleansing experience, your data will be of highest quality before migrating to its new home.  This process includes the deduplication, standardization, and transformation of the data in order to produce a more adaptable solution for your members. 

Phase 4: Execution

With our technologies and industry expertise, the data is moved to the Trade Alliance System in an orderly manner.   This migration process will happen in the shortest time possible with minimal disruption to your members.

Phase 5: Audit

After the initial migration, our team will continue monitoring to ensure the legacy and Trade Alliance Systems remain in sync and integrated. In addition, historical records will be generated.

Phase 6: Preservation

Our Data Migration Team will implement a data quality strategy to prevent data in your new system from degrading.  Protections against inconsistencies, duplication, and errors will ensure data is always of highest quality.

Legacy Data migration Services

Our team of data migration experts manages all aspects of your data migration, so your only responsibility is mapping the legacy chart of account attributes into your new Trade Alliance System’s Features as you wish to implement them.  Get a quicker implementation from start to finish to improve user adoption and utilize your new features to meet your business needs of your members much faster.   This process will also help to eliminate errors from manual data entry, minimizing the back-and-forth communication necessary. 

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