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The best Online Barter Software System with the best barter and trade sites are members of The Trade Alliance ® family!

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Your barter software provider holds the entire data and operation of your company and as such your barter software provider should be of the highest integrity, honesty and morality.  There must be a reason why more barter companies are switching their current software to The Trade Alliance for their software needs.  We supply barter software that is designed, developed and supported by people with over 50 years of experience in the barter industry and the Trade Alliance Team is made of a mix former Barter Exchange Owners and Software Development Professional’s.

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Switch to The Trade Alliance Barter Software and Pay No Fees for 2 Months!

What Makes Us Unique

  •  We do not own or operate any barter exchange ourselves which would make us a competitor of yours.
  • The only barter shopping site where you get to choose what your members see in bulletins and what is posted to your website.
  • Our Maximum Monthly Fees are only $395.00, no matter how much you do in transactions each month, the lowest in the industry.
  • Manager reminder notes where you can post notes and a reminder comes up on your manager screen on the date you chose to call, or review.
  • The only barter software with a complete help menu on your site for your members and another on your manager site.
  • The easiest to use and most comprehensible travel and accommodation section available in barter.
  • Customizable colors and backgrounds, a true custom web home page is available to you.
  • Banking services direct from your members to your bank account for payments.
  • No charge to import all your data and you pay no fees for the first 60 days If you are an existing exchange with more than 50 members you will pay no set up fee and get 60 additional days with no fees.


  • We’ve been in business since 2004 supplying software to many barter exchanges including some of the largest exchanges in the US.
  • We have many Barter Exchanges in our network
  • 24-hour authorizations, every day of the year by members posting their transactions themselves from any smart cell phone or tablet, anywhere in the world.
  • Best cost, best service, best options, best security, best technology, best support and now the first choice of barter software available.
  • New, faster and more powerful servers provide faster speeds and more dependability.
  • All data backed up daily in multiple locations, insuring your data will always be safe. 
  • We have 10’s of thousands of active members shared among all our barter companies 
  • We have processed more than 9,000,000 Transactions
  • Setup Fees for New Barter Exchanges: For new exchanges with less than 50 members, setup cost is $150.00.  That includes all consulting and all necessary forms. There is then no additional costs for another month as you have free use of the barter software for that period.
  • Setup Fees for Established Barter Exchanges: Existing exchanges that switch over to The Trade Alliance barter software you will pay a maximum fee of $395.00 per month and a guarantee that your rate will never increase.  Then standard rates will apply.
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What People Say About Us

I have known Alan Mink in the barter world for the last twenty years. I'll tell you this: He is one of best communicators I have ever known. You call or email him with a question or a problem, and he is on it immediately. No delays. He is open to suggestions that may benefit The Trade Alliance and he is there to help you as a trade company owner. Your success is of utmost importance to him because that spells success for the entire Platform and all it's members. Alan is a strong, wise business man. He been around for a while in the barter world and you can trust his judgement. C.R. Morton, American Eagle Trade Exchange
Craig Morton
American Eagle Trade Exchange
The Trade Alliance software is very current and has the best inclusive software package in the Barter Industry. Alan always is very helpful, takes suggestions and updates the software as needed. Tampa Trade Brokers is proud to identify as a part of The Trade Alliance, a conglomerate of Businesses and Professionals throughout the United States and Canada.
Kathleen Hemann
Tampa Trade Brokers

Why Choose The Trade Alliance Software

We are the only barter software that has been designed and developed by a team that ran a successful barter exchange for many years.  We know what an exchange needs and uses every day!  Others barter software companies are software engineers that happen to write barter software programs along with other software products they develop.  There are also some barter software companies that run their own barter companies, in direct competition with you!  We focus on barter software and only barter software. 

We also provide technical support an average of 16 hours a day.  When you have a question or problem we are available with the fastest response to any E-mails and if you cannot reach us by phone you will receive a call back in 1 hour or less, not a day later!