Membership Agreement

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Travel Booking Form

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General Policies, Procedures, And Conditions

1- A list of current available client offerings is available on our web site.

2- Hotel reservations must be requested using the hotel accommodation form. Phone requests will not be accepted by any exchange. There is no additional charge for this service from The Trade Alliance if the form is submitted 10 days prior to check-in date for local and 14 days for out of town reservations. Reservations are non-cancelable once confirmed. 

3- Accounts more than 60 days in arrears on fees due will be terminated and all barter dollars in the account will become the property of The Trade Alliance to satisfy cash fees due.

4- Accounts with fees due more than 10 days will incur a past due fee of $25.00 cash and all purchases will be suspended until fees are current.

5- All shipping costs must be paid to the seller before any orders will be shipped. If an order is not shipped within 30 days of receipt of order that order will be canceled. Sellers who repeatedly do not ship orders in a timely manner will be prohibited from posting items for 60 days. A second incident of not shipping items repeatedly in a timely manner will result in that member banned from posting items for sale and will not have that right re-instated.

6- If a transaction thru the marketplace is between members of 2 different exchanges and the buyer does not contact the seller to arrange payment of shipping fees the order must be canceled within 30 days and any such sales not reversed if canceled before 30 days will not be reversed.

7- All goods and services are to be sold at regular price. 

8- All information contained on The Trade Alliance website is intended for member use only. Giving access to this information to any third party will subject your account to being immediately terminated.

9- Any barter company that harms the reputation of The Trade Alliance by false claims, discounting of The Trade Alliance dollars or disparaging statements shall have their account closed immediately.

10- Any postings in comments or in the Marketplace that are considered harmful to the organization or another exchange or member of any exchange may be removed at the discretion of The Trade Alliance. An exchange also has the same rights as it pertains to their exchange. 

11- Statements are sent out the first day of each month for the previous months activity.

Holiday Events Protocol

The Return of the Barter Economy This years holiday events will be properly managed in order to comply with Social Distancing Guidelines.  All vendors and

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